Wanted: A summer vacation

The warmer weather is on its way (we hope), bringing with it school-free days for kids and hopefully some well-earned vacation for yourself.

It may be difficult to pry yourself away from the confines of your cubicle, but some experts argue it’s essential to our well-being and productivity.

Cornerstone Dynamics president Adriana Girdler says working smarter means vacationing smarter — and actually taking some time away to recharge.

It’s a sentiment echoed by many Canadians.

A 2014 survey for TD Canada Trust revealed 93 per cent of Canadians who work full-time felt vacation was essential to their happiness, and 92 per cent thought it was an important time to reconnect with loved ones.

Despite those beliefs, 43 per cent of working Canadians said they didn’t take all of their vacation days each year because they were too busy at work, faced last minute problems at the office or felt time away wasn’t worth it because of the expected preparations/catch-up before and after.

Keep this in mind as you start to plan (and actually follow through with) your time off this summer.

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