Beep, buzz, ping

With all of the tweets, beeps and buzzes distracting us while we work, it can be hard to stay on task.

CornerStone Dynamics’ president Adriana Girdler of Burlington – an entrepreneur herself – has penned some productivity hacks to make sure you don’t lose your focus and fall behind.

To start, silence it all, Girdler suggests.

If your email pings, turn those darn speakers off. If your phone rings, put it on silent. And for goodness sake, if your phone is set up to notify you of Facebook and Twitter alerts, stop it!

While they may seem like very short breaks, the combined time you spend on all of them can set you way back in your day.

One of Girdler’s ideas I particularly liked was her suggestion to hold meetings while walking. Obviously that won’t work for a 20-person board meeting, but for one-on-ones or small groups, walking can keep people focused, alert and on task, she says.

Suggest that to your boss the next time you find yourself falling asleep at the meeting table.

Now this I’m certainly guilty of myself. Girdler recommends cleaning your desk area to reduce stress and keep your mind on track instead of drifting off, thinking about what a mess your workspace is. Apparently a super messy desk doesn’t mean you’re extra creative (dang!)

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