Ringing in the new year

Happy new year, Hamilton Business readers.

Only a week-and-a-half into 2016 and it already feels as though 2015 is long in the past.

We know that many of you are probably already swamped with work and have said goodbye to your holiday bliss, but it’s never a bad idea to take a breather at the start of the year to plan and get organized for what’s to come.

That’s why we’ve scoured the internet for you and come up with a couple of new year’s resolutions to consider if you’re a small business owner or business professional.

Sarah Adams, vice president of small business at Royal Bank of Canada, wrote in the Globe and Mail that workplace wellness should be a focus for your company in 2016.

“While some business owners may be skeptical of incorporating these types of programs, there are cost efficient ways to go about it,” she said.

Some simple ideas? Create a monthly newsletter sharing tips on healthy eating. Start a staff walking group.

And in the hustle and bustle of your busy life, don’t forget about social media, warns small business owner Brian Hughes in Small Business Trends.

Use tools to help you stay organized like Hootsuite Pro, and don’t forget to track the impact your social media engagement is having.

That way, you can look at what posts attract the most attention and leverage this channel, he wrote.

Other suggestions like collecting the money you’re owed, involving employees in goal-setting to increase engagement and mastering Excel so you’re not stranded the day your expert isn’t available are a few more ways to help you take a load off in 2016.


In other new year news, we’re looking to hear from people who have made the switch from one career path to something entirely different. Whether it was your choice because you wanted a change or whether unstable economic times left you jobless and unable to find something new, we’d like to know what that was like for you and how you garnered the courage to take the leap. Email me at npaddon@thespec.com.

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