Dream Cymbals and Gongs

Dream Cymbals and Gongs, Inc. president and owner Andy Morris moves a large 120cm (48″) Chinese gong.

A massive sound created by a large piece of metal emanates from a small brick building in an industrial area of Hamilton. The tone lingers in the air for minutes as it resonates and decays into a wash of subtle vibrations and tones. Craig Snowden has just struck a 120cm bronze gong in the Dream Cymbals and Gongs in a secret warehouse in the west end of the city.

The Canadian company was started by owner and president Andy Morris in 2006 in response to a market that he saw was “dominated by monopoly-like entities.”

Dream sells handmade Chinese gongs and cymbals all over the world from Korea and Australia to Europe and North America. Every instrument sold ships out of this nondescript building in Hamilton after arriving from the factory in China.

To learn more: dreamcymbals.com

Or take a look into the world of handmade Chinese gongs




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